Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Book Launch Day! Social (Media) Life by Mark Allan Gunnells


Alex knows what it's like to be invisible. He has gone through his entire life not being noticed by those around him. Even his own college roommate Xavier treats him like he isn't even there.

That is until Alex creates an alternate persona on social media, Xander. Suddenly his life is full of likes and friend requests, and even Xavier takes notice. Having no idea Alex is behind the Xander account, Xavier develops an intimate and steamy relationship with a person who is only a fiction.

Except Xander starts to feel less like a fiction every day, feeling more real and more full of life than Alex himself. Has he created a persona so strong that it has the power to step out of social media and live the life that Alex has always been too afraid to live?

Bundle Package Available Now -- $15

In the spirit of Pride month, we've made the pre-order bundle package available through July 4! Package Includes ebook, audiobook and paperback copy. 

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