Sunday, June 10, 2018

NEW RELEASE - Death's Garden

LVP Publications is proud to present the inaugural volume of the Reaper's Black Book series: DEATH'S GARDEN

The Lycan Valley Reaper has a new hobby -- Gardening.

He tends to each plant's every need from seed to harvest. The black seeds bloom in the shadows, petals unfolding as the twisted vines take root in your mind.

These 13 stories and 12 poems are planted, germinated and ready for the harvest.

Souls collected from:
* Edward Ahern
* Shaun Avery
* Ross Baxter
* R Bratten Weiss
* Jonah Buck
* O.R. Dalby
* JG Faherty
* Dale W Glaser
* Jill Hand
* Michael H Hanson
* Liam Hogan
* Mathias Jansson
* Jordan King-Lacroix
* Chad Lutzke
* A.M. Nestler
* Kurt Newton
* Gregory L Norris
* Allan Rozinski
* Susan A Sheppard
* David F Shultz
* Claire Smith
* Max D Stanton
* John McCallum Swain
* Sara Tantlinger
* Steven Wynne

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

NEW RELEASE - Untimely Frost

LVP Publications is proud to present our first-ever poetry anthology, UNTIMELY FROST: Poetry Unthawed.

Collected and compiled by Suzie Wargo Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart, it features haunting verse by a vast gathering of dark poets:

1 The Courtships by Claire Smith
2 An Unintended Demise by Cari England
3 The Winter Witch by Allan Rozinski
4 The Crow Frost by Cynthia O’Quinn
5 She Was Beautiful by James Deitz
6 Autumn Shade by Oliver Smith
7 Remembering Another Life by Antaeus
8 Deathbed by Brian G. Chambers
9 Of the Night by Catherine A. MacKenzie
10 Deathbound by Shawn Chang
11 To his lover, awaiting sundown by Ronnie Smart
12 Blizzard by Frank Martin
13 In These Dark Woods by Taye Carrol
14 Her Arms Around Me by Kurt Newton
15 The Violins of Vendregal Bay by T.N. Allan
16 One Way Out by Paula Berman
17 Funeral Flowers by Joseph VanBuren
18 Winters Dead Hostas by Catherine A. MacKenzie
19 To My Holiday Ghost by Leah Bishop
20 Death by Thom Brucie
21 Enshrined In Glass by DJ Tyrer
22 Hushed by Sara Tantlinger
23 The Old Man by James G. Piatt
24 Uninvited Guests by Mathias Jansson
25 The Shadow Twin by Ellery D. Margay
26 Snow Falls on Dachau by Greg Beatty
27 When it all ends by Divya Baveja
28 Death Rides by a Comanche Moon by Ethan Nahté
29 I Knew by Gerri Leen
30 Encounter with Death by Heddy Johannesen
31 Captured by Kellye Guinan
32 Pyramids by Herb Kauderer and Scott Green
33 Beneath the Ice by Rie Sheridan Rose
34 The Color of Death by Tisha Emberton
35 Ghost River by Wayne Russell
36 Thoughts by Ian Hunter
37 Two Hearts as One by Linda M. Crate
38 The Trees in Our Forest by Soumya Sundar Mukherjee
39 Homecoming by Russell Hemmell
40 Framed by Rob E. Boley
41 Snow Stars by Cyn Bermudez
42 The Last Hour by Michael Hanna
43 Growing Cold by Sarah Cannavo
44 Arundel Castle by David Shultz
45 The Sea Horse Isles by Michael H. Hanson
46 The Darkness of Snow by Suzie Lockhart
47 At The Tomb by DJ Tyrer
48 Just Tired by Cali Atwood
49 Wraiths by Todd Fischer
50 This Is What Death Looks Like by Joan Pollak
51 Unending by R.W. Warwick

Cover art courtesy of Andrew Hurley
Interior artwork by Greg Chapman

The beauty and sadness of words clutches at the heart like the cold hand of Death. Image of darkness close in on us as we feel the anguish of life's final moments.

The darkness is beautiful and yet terrifying, calling on the strongest emotions for survival.

This collection of poetry combines words of beauty, of despair, of darkness, of mortality that reach out and chill the soul like an Untimely Frost.

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You can also check out our previous and upcoming releases on our Anthologies page!


As of May 25th, 2018, Quantum Corsets has been acquired by LVP Publications in the United States and has officially changed hands. This includes the transfer of all contracts for the seven previously published titles — Flash Fear, Mummy Knows Best, Weird Ales Volumes 1-3, Infection and Wolf at the Door.

Over the next couple months, LVP Publications will be reviewing and re-releasing these titles or returning story rights back to the authors. Authors will be notified by official email with further details once these decisions are made.

The Breast Cancer charity anthology, Her Dark Voices Vol 2, will continue as planned with minor adjustments. The anthology will be published as Dark Voices under LVP Publications and all proceeds will be donated.

Theresa Derwin and her team of editors will continue seeing the anthology through. Theresa will also continue the launch as originally planned. Updated contracts from LVP Publications will go out to HDV2 contributors in the next couple days.

We realize that many of you may have questions or concerns regarding the transition, but please be assured that we intend to make it as smooth as possible for everyone involved. At this time, we ask that general questions be limited as we make the transition.

However, questions and concerns regarding past due payments or contributor copies may be directed to Theresa Derwin at and urgent contract questions going forward may be directed to MJ Sydney at

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during this period of transition.