Ken MacGregor

Ken MacGregor writes stuff.

He has three story collections: AN ABERRANT MIND, SEX, GORE & MILLIPEDES, and LIONS & TIGERS & WERES, a young adult novella: DEVIL’S BANE (YA winner of the 23rd annual Critters Readers Poll), a co-written (with Kerry Lipp) novel: HEADCASE , and is a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW) and an Active member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA). He is a somewhat regular contributor to HorrorTree with his column Brain Babies.  He has also written TV commercials, sketch comedy, a music video, some poetry, and a zombie movie.  Sometimes, he edits stuff too.

Ken is the Managing Editor of Collections and Anthologies for LVP Publications. He’s curated two anthologies: BURNT FUR for Blood Bound Books, and STITCHED LIPS for Dragon Roost Press..

When not writing, Ken drives the bookmobile for his local library. He lives with his kids, two cats, and the ashes of his wife.

Ken can be found at website and at Facebook


HEADCASE, a novel

Available in 4-part ebook serialization, 4-part serialized paperback, full paperback with bonus material Origins, and full audiobook


WELCOME HOME, A Lycan Valley Reaper Anthology

Available in ebook.

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