Monday, April 2, 2018

New Website Updates!

The expansion of Lycan Valley's online territory continues!  Although we have a few more things to add and a few wrinkles to iron out, the LVP Publications website is up and running, fully functional and ready for exploration.

Check out the new pages that have been added to our website:

ANTHOLOGIES - Curious about which short story and poetry collections are due out soon? Looking for links to buy the previously released Lycan Valley titles? All that you seek is right here!

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - Interested in submitting your work to LVP Publications? From layout to word count to genre and format, all the rules and recommendations are helpfully outlined here! (Seriously, read these before submitting.)

WRITER RESOURCES - Hoping to step up your writing game with lessons learned from scribes who've seen it all and lived to tell about it? Go ahead and take advantage of a wide assortment of articles and videos, all absolutely free! New resources will be added periodically.

This is only the beginning of the website resurgence, so watch this space for further updates, news about publishing releases, helpful articles and more!