Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan was recently dubbed "the Martha Stewart of extreme horror" after appearing on the Bizzong podcast, for her hobbies of weird baking and kooky crafts as well as writing. The author of works as varied as Spermjackers From Hell, The Raven’s Table, Dawn of the Living-Impaired and Other Messed-Up Zombie Stories, Murder Girls, and White Death, she’s especially honored to be allowed to play with Edward Lee’s toys and wrote a sequel to his Lucifer’s Lottery called Lakehouse Infernal, which came out in 2019. A long-time contributor to The Horror Fiction Review, she also beta-reads, has edited a few anthologies, and takes on various other word-related gigs as opportunity presents.

  DREADFUL FANCIES, a steampunk-ish collection

  Available in ebook, audiobook and paperback.

DARK VOICES, a Lycan Valley Anthology

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