Saturday, October 29, 2022

Pink Triangle Rhapsody Book Trailer


Pink Triangle Rhapsody highlights and explores gay male cultural experiences and is dedicated to and in celebration of gay men and their cultural history. The non-themed anthology is a collection of short stories written with “effusively rapturous or emotional expression.” We asked the writers for unrestrained and emotional writing, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this rhapsody. The mixed genre volume includes horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, and pulp mystery stories.

Stories by John Peyton Cooke, Robert Dunbar,  Greg Herren, Rick R Reed, Ryan Field, Norman Prentiss, Gregory Norris,  David Gerrold,  Darrell Grizzle, Adrik Kemp, Jacob Budenz, Corey Niles, Lee Thomas, J Daniel Stone , Aaron Dries, Hal Bodner and Andrew Robertson.

Cover art by Joe Phillips
Interior art by Aaron Dries


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