Sunday, September 5, 2021

DREADFUL FANCIES - A Steampunkish Collection by Christine Morgan


DREADFUL FANCIES by Christine Morgan
Published by LVP Publications, Copyright 2021
Official Release: March 2022*
Format: Preorder Package -- paperback, ebook, audiobook

Welcome to the world of yesteryear’s world of tomorrow!

A world of inventions and intrigues, ingenious science and eldritch sorcery, mechanical marvels and magical mischief, daring exploration and dangerous adventure. A world powered by steam and teslic coils and etheric energies, where paranormalists ply their trade alongside constables and scholars and daffy dilettantes.


From the grim and gritty city to the bustling urban metrop ... from the hardscrabble life in the factories to the high society of lavish country estates ... from the airscrew-propelled platform of a flying industrial complex to the suboceanic travels of a nautilus expedition ...

Welcome to a darkly delightful tour of Dreadful Fancies, a collection of steampunkish stories by Christine Morgan.


* Please Note: All pre-orders will ship on or before the official release date. Pre-order package includes one paperback copy, one free ebook download code and one free audiobook download code from LVP Publications. Pre-order package offer expires January 31, 2021.