Tuesday, April 21, 2020

NEW RELEASE ~ Stella by Josh Dygert

Stella by Josh Dygert, cover by Greg Chapman, copyright LVP Publications

STELLA by Josh Dygert

Stella knew the names of the stars before she knew her alphabet. Although Stella’s mother disappeared when she was too small to remember, she grows up happy beneath bright Indiana stars in the small town of Torrance with her father, her dog, and her best friend. When a meteor lands in her father’s cornfields, Stella and her father run after the fallen star. Stella watches as her father touches the star. The moment he does, he disappears in a flash of golden starlight. Stella never sees her father again.

From that moment on, Stella is terrified of the stars she always loved. Stella leaves Torrance, her dog, and her best friend. But Stella discovers that the truth she needs is still in Torrance. As a total eclipse approaches, Stella must find the courage to face her stars.

Cover by Greg Chapman, Audio Narration by Desmond Manny

Available from Lvp Publications in paperback, ebook and audiobook April 2020.

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